It’s 4:30 in the afternoon, and I can’t find a place to park. After some trickery and interesting maneuvers I make my way towards the Vista Theater, hope of the Two Towers line hosted by and It takes a while before anyone shows up, but one by one fans from and members of [Who did the Episode II Line this past summer see pics] settle in with their fold out chairs and sleeping bags to camp outside this beautiful theater to see Peter Jackson’s next step in The Lord of the Rings experience.

I take a detour from the line for a time to pick up Green Books staffer Quickbeam and swing home to kiss my wife before curling into a shivering huddled mass on the sidewalk in Hollywood. Members of the Episode II line take some time to catch up and we finally manage to get power setup, thus the TV and PS2 gets more attention than before. Electronic Arts has taken good care of us at our Vista line and we have a copy of the Two Towers for the PS2 and GameBoy Advance to hand out each night of the line, with last nights trivia hosted by that same Green Books Ent Quickbeam!

So overall the first night went off quite well, only a few visits from the displaced people of the city, nothing compared to our time spent on the busy street of Hollywood Blvd. right in the heart of Mann’s Chinese. So if you’re in the LA area, or near enough to get down to the LA area, swing on by, we’ll have trivia every night for more chances to win prizes provided by Electronic Arts and a TV and a PS2 setup to enjoy their Two Towers game. Hrm it’s 8:30 in the morning isn’t it… I really should head home, thats 12 hours logged! Here’s looking forward to Wednesday!

“Hey what are you guys in line for?”

“Maid in Manhattan 2!”

More info on the Vista line here, and if you want to find another Line Party in your area go here.