Games Workshop is a very interesting company. I have met many of their fine employees and have played a few rounds of The Lord of the Rings Tabletop Battle Game with them as well, among these encounters one trait has always been predominantly strong: dedication. These guys are the best there is at what they do, and while often times these detailed miniatures are expensive to buy, the Lord of the Rings Tabletop Battle Game brings quality Lord of the Rings Gaming to your gaming table, with a little Gollum on the side. November 6th marks the release of the latest release in Games Workshop’s LOTR Series; The Two Towers!

Who wouldn’t want an inch and a half Gandalf the White to roll a few die against an Orc or two. This game brings to life every character from PJ’s The Two Towers in perfect miniature form. This set breathes miniature reality into scenarios directly from the film, and some created by Games Workshop to simulate battles that may have taken place during transitions and travel. The Rule Book included with the Two Towers Boxed Set goes into detail how to set up, and play through Scenarios like Scouring of the Westfold, When Wargs Attack, Ambush in Ithilien, Helm’s Deep, and Gandalf’s Confrontation with Saruman at isengard! Games put one player as the Free People’s player against another player as the Forces of Darkness each with set goals and objectives, often beyond simply killing your opponent.

Game play in the Lord of the Rings Tabletop Battle Game consists of rolling dice to determine the outcome of conflict between hero’s and minions. You’re able to employ Archery, Stealth, and Brute Force against your foes attempts at completing their objectives, with scale miniatures modeled directly after the designs used in Peter Jackson’s The Two Towers. With the stats presented in the rule book plenty of strategies come up to thwart your friends!

Overall the Lord of the Rings Tabletop battle game is a direct way to feel the battle of the Lord of the Rings on your table. Many are intimidated by the price of the Starter Set but compared to other such Miniature Games the Two Towers Boxed Set is only $40.00 US compared to as much as $75.00 for other Miniature games. The Boxed set includes 12 Plastic Riders of Rohan (Spearmen, Bowman, and Swordsmen on Horseback) and 20 Fighting Uruk-hai (With Pikes and Swords), plastic terrain ruins for a quick and easy setup for play, a set of dice, and the Lord of the Rings Two Towers Guide Book which features plenty of details on painting, terrain, game play, and images from the Two Towers we can’t even show you here! Try out scenario’s from the guide, or try out a few of your own with the Lord of the RIngs Tabletop Battle Game!