For over a year now members of the Gaming Community have organized a Gaming League for players in the Orange County area, this league has provided a place for kids of all ages to come and play games related to J.R.R. Tolkiens works in a postive environemtn free of the negative influences they would come across without having somewhere to turn. This is made possible by the efforts of Norman Lao [Lao_of_Gondor from], Solar Blanke, and myself. With the growth of our League and the expanding world that is Lord of the Rings Gaming it has become difficult for us to keep the league going without spending money out of our own pockets each week to provide the venue for our play. For a while this wasn’t so bad but as the league grows the burden on our finances has caused us to look for outside help.

With this we have decided to offer up a Signed copy of The Fellowship of the Ring. This Houghton Mifflin book comes signed by Peter Jackson, Sean Astin, Philipa Boyens, and Fran Walsh during their time at the Brentano’s book store. It has been a valued piece in my collection for some time, but with the need of our league I have decided to offer it up to another fan in an effort to raise funds to support our players.

I have never been more proud of a group of people than I am of our League, players of all ages freely give of what cards they have to new players. If we invite friends from outside communities to visit our group they are always welcomed with open arms and treated like one of the gang! Through the tireless efforts of Lao of Gondor, and Solar Blanke these kids have found a new home in our league, and it is our hope to provide them with this environment for as long as we possibly can.

Please help us support our league and continue to provide a possitive playing environment for our kids.

Click Here to view our Signed Copy of the Fellowship of the Ring
Direct Donations can be made to our League Honor Page through