This review of Electronic Arts’ The Two Towers for PS2 was sent to us by Mumm Rahh.

Well Ive played “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” by EA Games, and i must say, Im impressed. Never before have i seen cut scenes and actual game play transition. The rendered environments and charicters are beautifully done and the sound effects and voice acting is wonderful. Its really great to see that they have finally made a good game off a movie.
And now, the downside
Game play, while fun at first is not very challenging, and a bit repetitive(even on the hardest difficulty setting) And its quite short(I finished it with all three charicters the day after i got it(Again on the hardest setting). I was personally disapointed that this game was only single player, as this style of game play lends itself perfectly to having even up to four players. But its a good game, better then most and really worth the 52$ The intigration of movie clips and impecable graphics really make this game something else.