Reports have been coming in from all over the net that both of the games recently released by Vivendi Universal are dangerously filled with bugs and errors on older XBox and GameBoy Advance systems. The Fellowship of the Ring for XBox has been rumored to, as one gamer put it: “It got through the beginning dialog fine, but every time I tried to start the game, it just froze up. Many fans have taken their games to exchange them for new copies, only to have the same problem loading the game.

One such player of the Fellowship of the Ring for GameBoy Advance told us he was not happy with the game at all: “There are some minor bugs and a few major ones as well. The minor ones, such as Gimli being invisible when you try to speak to him in Rivendell, are not so bad. But the Major bug, which has caused quite a few people I’ve spoken with to write angrily to Vivendi Universal, occurs in Moria. After a battle with an Orc, Gandalf says “The way ahead is blocked. We must go deeper into the mines”; the game freezes up completely.

We’ll have more for you as it develops.