More than a year ago members of the EN World community began discussing a Dungeons and Dragons 3E conversion of J.R.R. Tolkien¡œs Middle Earth. These discussions led to the creation of many game conversion documents and the hosting of the Middle Earth D20 website by EN World. Now, in the interest of promoting the creation of new and original content for the site, we are proud to announce the Middle Earth D20 Best Original Character Contest.

Please design an original character (villainous or heroic, mundane or epic, PC or NPC) suitable for campaign set in Middle Earth. Provide enough detail about the character (including stats, personality, background, and hooks) so that a DM can incorporate them into their existing campaign. Submit your character in text or html format to with subject line ¡§MED20 Character Contest¡¨ by October 22nd, 2002.

Entrants are strongly encouraged to use the Dungeons and Dragons core rulebooks (including the Epic Level Handbook). If material is drawn from other sources, please cite the source. Please refrain from using house rules in your submission.

The contest judges are Jeff Black (, Derek Poppink (, and Scott Holden-Jones ( They will rate each entry on a scale of one to ten in three categories:

Suitability ¡V Does the character fit in with Middle Earth themes and settings? Creativity ¡V Is the character interesting and well developed? Flexibility ¡V Can the character be used in a variety of storylines with few changes?

The results of the contest will be announced November 12th, and the winner will receive a copy of the Fellowship of the Ring DVD (Platinum Series Extended Edition). All submissions will be archived on the Middle Earth D20

Many thanks to Morrus for hosting the website and putting up the prize. Thanks also to the Spelljammer Mailing List for the inspiration.