Decipher brings us the next phase in Roleplaying Games from their Roleplaying and Miniature Studio here in Culver City, CA. The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying game is bound in a brilliant Core Book featuring brilliantly designed pages full of character details, orders, races, weapons and enemies. The game, which will be released on August 28th, allows players to take up residence in Middle Earth and play out the role of one of the many races of Middle Earth, anything from an Elven Loremaster to a Hobbit Burglar.

Overall the Corebook’s design gives players the blunt of the game, with upcoming releases to detail other aspects of Middle Earth. We here at Gaming Havens at will soon be delving deeper into the game and bring a pictoral of just what goes into making a character, and playing out a chapter. Check back here on the 4th of September for the first part in our Roleplaying Guide with myself, Lao of Gondor, and the rest of the crew from our Gaming League!