TORN @ Comic Con 2002!

Welcome to the wonderful sights, sounds and sometimes smells of the San Diego Comic-Con International. We join our heroes around 1:00pm on Wednesday, leaning upon a box Vapors and I spy up and down Harbor Drive in beautiful downtown San Diego. After a time Vapors and I spy a charming man strolling up the sidewalk, being none other than Green Books’ own Tookish. We exchange our hellos, not having seen eachother since’s Oscar Party this past March, and head into the convention center.

Together we track down Tookish’s badge and take a walk into the massive hall that seems to stretch on for over a mile. We work our way over to the circular Lord of the Rings banner hanging high above the giant LOTR pavillion. Meeting and greeting with Tim Huckleburry from Games Workshop and the infamous Heath from SideShow, we walked up to what will haunt my dreams for years to come: a true to life towering Cave Troll with the logo of our sponsor SideShow/WETA plastered to the side.kill

The day progressed and slowly crews from SideShow/WETA, Decipher, Games Workshop, New Line, Universal, Houghton Mifflin, and Electronic Arts piled into the grand Lord of the Rings Pavillion. We were honored to find that Richard Taylor himself, fresh off the plane from New Zealand, was on hand to supervise the compilation of the WETA station. Accompanying Taylor was a slew of his highly skilled WETA Workshop Crew to assist. Throughout the day Vapors was chaporoned by Sala Baker and Lawrence Makoare, none other than Sauron and Lurtz from Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring.

As the day wound into night bookmarks evaporated from our booth and fans from all over the world checked in and headed on to other attractions in the LOTR pavillion. It was a sight to see the fans show their appreciation to Richard, Sala, Lawrence and the rest of the WETA crew. Overall an excellent way to launch an excellent convention.

See you tomorrow.