What a week it’s been. We’ve been exposed to the beginning onslaught that will be the Two Towers explosion, we’ve seen the Deluxe DVD Card inserts, and we’ve been exposed to another interview from your friendly neighborhood havener. Where to begin this second installment of Week in Gaming for the week of July 7th-13th?

Two Towers Preview Cards Exposed

So let’s say you were lucky enough to have attended Origins and watch the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game take home Best Game of 2001 and Best Graphical Presentation, you were already pretty stoked right? Well the good folks at Decipher also brought forth from the vault two exclusive images from their upcoming Two Towers expansion that will hit stores this November.

Check out these cards! Faramir, Son of Denethor Eowyn, Lady of Rohan

I know I can’t wait to find out how to get my hands on these Premium Promotional Cards, all we know is it will be some time before the Two Towers expansion hits stores in November. Welcome to the months that last ten years!

The Three Hunters pathfind their way onto DVD

Speaking of Premium Cards, been wondering what LOTR TCG Cards are going to come packaged with the Lord of the Rings Special Edition DVD Boxed Set? Well now we have our answer! Origially released in the Fellowship of the Rings set last November, Aragorn: Ranger of the North, Gimli: Son of Gloin, and Legolas: Greenleaf are being re-released with an alternate image in the DVD set!

Take a look at these Alternate Image Cards Legolas: Greenleaf, Aragorn: Ranger of the North, Gimli: Son of Gloin

Still haven’t pre-ordered your copy of this special edition DVD? Then jump on it now here.

Tom Lichke Interviewed

Flinch: Of the characters in The Two Towers, who do you look forward to working on the most? Which aspects of each individual personality will play a role in the strategy and story line of the game?

Tom: I am a huge Faramir fan. His nobility and wisdom should translate to some fun cards. The Ents should be a blast. Hopefully we’ll be able to replicate their unique speech patterns and have some fun with that. It seems like a great place to immerse players in the story.

Read the entire interview here.

A Day in Middle Earth

July 20th your crew here from Gaming Havens at TheOneRing.net will be taking over the Westminster Mall in Westminster California and bringing fans from all over A Day in Middle Earth! Featuring Lord of the Rings Trading Card Demonstrations held by Havens writer Lao of Gondor, demonstrations of the Lord of the Rings tabletop game brought to you by Games Workshop, and tons of great Lord of the Rings prizes! So if you’re in the Southern California area drop on by from 12 noon to 6pm Saturday July 20th for a day that won’t soon be forgotten!

Not in the area? No worries! Next week’s Week in Gaming will be dedicated to our Day in Middle Earth! We will bring all of the Lord of the Rings Gaming to your desktop in just seven days!

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