Around the world fans of all ages and backgrounds have come together for their love of Tolkien’s works. With the release of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy many new lives have been touched by the Fellowships quest to thwart evil. With these new films we’re also introduced to a wonderful expanse of gaming properties based on the lands of Middle-Earth, these gaming properties have brought more people together in gaming communities, through leagues of card gamers and role players, and those who fight massive battles with tiny miniatures, Tolkien’s work continues to bring fans together in a way that few things have ever been able to accomplish. Let’s take a look at some of the recent events and occurrences in this first installment of Gaming Haven’s Week in Gaming.

This past Saturday, the 6th of July, some of Decipher’s Riders [or Product Champions] came down to Mile High Comics in Garden Grove, CA to play in one of the store’s many Sealed Deck Tournaments. The day was filled with great competitive opportunities lead by Rider Lao_of_Gondor. Special props go to the devastatingly talented player Ram for taking first place, and Rider Cat for taking Second, with a special note worthy mention going to new player Abe for overwhelming his opponent at Site 2. The day was an exciting opportunity for new players and old to come together and celebrate the release of Decipher’s new expansion: Realms of the Elf Lords.

This group from Mile High Comics meets every Friday night at Round Table Pizza down the street, this official League is one of hundreds around the globe that come together and enjoy some organized and casual play with this exciting and fun game. Stay tuned to Gaming Havens for information on league’s in your areas, and upcoming events!

Also in the news Gamepro’s writers have had a chance to look over Electronic Art’s Two Towers game and bring preview to the fans, drop in and take a look at that here.

The Origins Awards ceremony was held June 28th and brought the award for best Best Graphic Presentation of a Card Game and Best Game of 2001. Take a look at the full scoop here.

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