Greetings — Quickbeam here.

Our very own Flinch helped us put together a great fund-raiser down in Irivine, California this past Sunday — all of the proceeds will help get a new server (thank you players)!

If you weren’t there you missed out on a lot of fun.

It was really cool that most all of our participants were women!  Whoever said that girls don’t enjoy a good trading card game was wrong.  I had a laugh at their expense, too.  Every time one of the young ladies played a Legolas card I would start warbling “Oh, ORLI…. you’re just so dreamy….”

Actually, everyone learned the game quickly.  Just spending a couple of turns showing the flow of the game was enough.  Soon the players were speeding off, coming up with clever strategies all their own.

It was a sweet deal for the new players who attended.  For only $10 we gave them a new Starter Deck, a couple of Boosters, and a GREAT draw-string bag filled with glass counters.  That’s a lot of swag for ten bucks.  On top of all that, we sold raffle tickets for an entire box of Booster Packs.  A very surprised 7 year-old boy was one of our lucky winners.  You should have seen him jumping and racing around the tables with his new cards.   🙂

Everyone then got to see “Fellowship” in all its theatrical glory.  A fine day indeed.

We will schedule another one of these demonstrations soon.  So all you folks located in the Hollywood – Beverly Hills – metro Los Angeles area be sure to watch this space for details.  It’s a great afternoon, you will get lots of cool stuff, AND you will learn the game from well-seasoned players (patting myself on the back with a leafy branch).

Much too hasty,


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