This weekend I had the joy and the pleasure of demoing the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game to two very nice groups of people. My first stop was Hollywood Blvd. and to the Star Wars: Episode II line. Now this is a group of fans of many things, and Star Wars fans are often known to be Lord of the Rings fans as well so the attempt at bringing them a glimpse at the LOTR TCG couldn’t have gone better.

We sat out along the noise and the light of Hollywood Blvd, small card table mounted with a cardboard sign we set to work organizing the game. I’d brought some boxes of Starter Decks, and some boxes of Booster packs and we cracked into the fun! It was great to see about half of the line participating in the game, either openning packs, reading the rulebook, or trying it out first hand. The night stretched on and around Midnight it was decided that we better head home, we had a big day ahead of us!

Sunday came around and we shuffled into the car and drove to the Aliso Viejo Edwards 20, where we were meeting a group comprized of members of the Irvine Spectrum Line Party. At 2pm Quickbeam [from Green Books] and Ostadan [also from Green Books] arrived and the three of us set out to educate our guests in how to play the game! We sat around some small marble tables with Starter Decks and booster packs in hand and everyone quickly cought on to just how fun this game can be!

Overall it was an amazing weekend and I’m sure everyone in the LA area has plenty of new faces to play with now that everyone knows just what it is you’re supposed to do! Special thanks to everyone that helped us out, Vegan, Remi, Alyse, Josh, Autumn, Valerie and the entire crew, as well as Decipher and the Aliso Viejo Edwards 20 for giving us somewhere to be on Sunday!

Take a look at the fun! Click here and enjoy images from the events!
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