The results are in for our Gaming Havens 2002 Holiday Contest. The correct answers to the questions are as follow:

1. What is the name of the next TCG expansion, due out in March 2002?
A: Mines of Moria

2. Who was the original bearer of Glamdring, the Foe-hammer?
A: Turgon

3: What snack-food item was featured in’s 2000 April Fool’s joke?
A: Humpty Dumpty’s Ringolos cheese chips

And the Winners are…

Third Place:
Ryan Senese
Pittston, PA USA

Second Place:
Kathleen Harris
Gwynn Oak, MD USA

And the Grand Prize winner:
Derek Carter
Alpharetta, Ga USA

Stay tuned to and the Gaming Havens for more contests in the future.
Congratulations to the winners, and Thanks to all those who entered.