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Archive for May, 2001

E! Online Updates

Check out the latest from E! Online

Filming on rocky Mount Ruapehu, the site of some heavy Elf-on-Orc battle scenes in Mordor, was even more challenging, as up to 1,100 people were on set each day. That’s a lot of foot traffic over some rare alpine vegetation. [More]

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Timekillers 4

More things to enjoy while waiting for the movies to come out. These are both funny:
Debbie’s Waiting for Frodo comicstrip which accompanies her Blatherings webjournal. I thought I’d mention it again because so many people are enjoying her trip through reading LOTR for the FIRST time.

Secondly there’s the LOTR drinking game from Phat Cheops. Bad Language alert! – and I don’t mean misuse of apostrophes! takes no responsibility if you wind up with a hangover. [More]

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Tolkien on Jeopardy

Well it seems that Tolkien-mania is starting to spread more and more in the wake of the new movies. While watching Jeopardy today, the $500 question in the category “Elves Sightings” was something along the lines of:

This author told of the struggle between the Dark Lord Morgoth, and the Eldarin of in the lands of Beleriand.

And Alex Trebek actually got the pronouciations of everything correct. I think the guy who got the question right is gonna win too. Just thought you guys might find this interesting. I know I thought it was cool.

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MediaWatch: Reuters

ABCNews and Yahoo! have an article today titled, “Lord of Rings And Onion Rings – Perfect Together!” from Reuters news service. Yes, its more on the Burger King/New Line deal. And yes, we will probably have more bad puns like this in the future! [More]

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More Return of the Burger King

Ringer Spy Aelinwen sends long word about BK vs McD’s merchandise. I’m thinking ‘Fellowship of the Onion Rings’, ‘The Two Woppers’ and ‘Return of the Burger King’….sigh…

Roger Ebert’s required reading The Bigger Little Book Of Hollywood Cliches states plainly that in the promotions war, films sponsored by McDonalds are always expensive, embarrassing failures whereas those sponsored by Burger King are always smash hits.

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MediaWatch: TV Guide Insider

TV Guide Insider has a small feature on Lord of the Rings titled, “Lord of the Rings: The Countdown Begins…” There are some great quotes from Elijah (Frodo), Sean (Sam) and Peter Jackson himself. (Yes, as with most media these days, there is a small mistake…Frodo Boggins..but I emailed them.) [More]

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United Kingdom LOTR News

Pearl Harbor is released in the United Kingdom today, and for those people who want to take a trip down their local cinema to see the Lord Of The Rings trailer before it, BBC On-Line have a helfpul list on their website of cinemas that are showing Pearl Harbor, and where Pearl Harbor goes Lord Of The Rings isn’t far behind. [More]

Also, if you don’t feel like spending the shipping fees to get an Official Poster from the US, check out Ringer David says its quite a bargain at just £3:99!

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Time to Swamp another Web Poll – UPDATE

Are you ready? I am! Ringer fan Ben sends word of a webpoll for which sci-fi/fantasy author they would recommend. Currently, the professor is in 4th place. (*gasp!*) Lets change that! [More]


Beware the power of Tolkien fandom! In a little under an hour we took the lead. And now, well, now its not close. Sorta scary actually. Last time I looked, J.R.R. Tolkien was winning by 400 votes.


Ben mentions that you can vote for more than one author, so not only can you vote Tolkien to the top but totally reorganise this poll. There’s some deserving authors you might prefer to see rate more highly than they are right now.

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Opening Scenes Changed

We’ve reported on this in the past, but here is yet another viewpoint, this one from the Beeb. [More]

Thanks to Robin and all the others for the tip!

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Shore Score Tid Bit

Harry over at AICN has posted a story about a lucky fan who caught Allan Dougherty playing a bit of the LOTR score in a pub in Dublin, Allan is the lead flute player on the opening theme for LOTR. Check out the report! [More]

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Return of the Burger King?

Press Release

SOURCE: New Line Cinema

Burger King(R) and New Line Cinema Sign Unprecedented Worldwide Deal To Support Theatrical Launch Of ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’
LOS ANGELES, May 31 /PRNewswire/ —

New Line Cinema has signed a groundbreaking agreement with fast-food giant Burger King Corporation to launch an unprecedented worldwide promotional program supporting the December 19, 2001 debut of the epic adventure trilogy “The Lord of the Rings.” The partnership was announced today by Rolf Mittweg, President and Chief Operating Officer of Worldwide Distribution and Marketing for New Line Cinema, and Richard Taylor, Vice President, USA Marketing for Burger King Corporation.

(Photo: )
The deal represents the single largest promotional arrangement New Line has ever reached with a strategic partner, and one of the largest programs ever launched by Burger King Corporation. This program will span more than 10,000 restaurant locations worldwide and parallel all of the groundbreaking elements of the movie itself. The pact between the two companies will also be integrated with the potential to expand beyond the traditional theatrical window of the movie.

“Burger King® is a family-friendly brand with high recognition and significant reach around the world. They are the perfect promotional partner for us as we launch ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’ in December worldwide,” said Mittweg.

Following overwhelming worldwide media coverage of “The Lord of the Rings,” the demand for more content is staggering. To help satisfy that demand, Burger King Corporation has placed a link to the much anticipated new film trailer on its website,

In conjunction with New Line’s plans to keep the movie under wraps, plans for the Burger King® promotion will also remain under wraps until later this year.

“Burger King Corporation and New Line Cinema have put together the total picture partnership, one that emerged through shared objectives, open dialogue, creativity and image immersion,” said Rose Polidoro, Executive Vice-President of Promotions for New Line Cinema, who brokered the Burger King deal along with Rob Remley, Vice President of International Promotions, and Dave Imhoff, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Licensing and Merchandising for New Line.

“The imagination and vision with which Burger King Corporation has embraced ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is mirrored in the picture and the promotional plans!” said Polidoro.

“The literary significance of this property coupled with its superior entertainment value and tremendous built-in fan base, make it a smart fit for our global brand. New Line is delivering an epic film that truly delivers what made ‘The Lord of the Rings’ the phenomenon it is today. Burger King Corporation’s approach to blockbuster promotions will make this partnership one of the most significant entertainment events of the holiday season,” said Richard Taylor.

Founded in 1967, New Line Cinema is the entertainment industry’s leading independent producer and distributor of theatrical motion pictures. New Line licenses its films to ancillary markets including cable and broadcast television as well as to international venues. The company, which is a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner Inc., operates several divisions including in-house theatrical distribution, marketing, home video, television, acquisitions, production, licensing and merchandising units.

Burger King Corporation created the American icon, the HOME OF THE WHOPPER®, in 1957. The company and its franchisees operate more than 11,300 restaurants in all 50 states and 58 countries and international territories around the world, with more than 92% of BURGER KING® restaurants owned and operated by independent franchisees. Since the company’s founding in Miami in 1954, the BURGER KING® brand has become recognized for great flame-broiled taste and HAVE IT YOUR WAY® food customization. In fiscal year 2000, the BURGER KING® system had system-wide sales of $11.4 billion. Burger King Corporation is a part of Diageo (NYSE: DEO – news), the international food and drinks company. To learn more about the BURGER KING® system, please visit the company’s website at

SOURCE: New Line Cinema

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SHOP: LOTR Breaks Top Ten, Again!

Ringer Fan KDav sends in a heads up from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Boxed Set is back on’s 100 Hot Books list. It is great to see people buying the book in such great numbers again. [More]

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