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Archive for April, 2001

E!Online Updates!!

The wonderful entertainment site, E!online has just updated it’s “Force of Hobbit” section, which is just stuffed full of grand LotR news! Curious about what Ian Holm has to say about being Bilbo Baggins? Dying to hear what is going on in preparation for Cannes? Check out all the details in this May update! [More]

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The Story Session Goes On!

Merry’s story featuring the denizens of Barliman’s has been updated and chapter 10 is out. See if Merry is still alive, how Elf’s fellowship meets the wolves and how Luthien hears the dark past of the desert…[more]

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South African release date.

The date’s been confirmed thanks to Lawrence:

I have received confirmation via e-mail from one of our film distributers (Nu Metro) that the Fellowship Of The Ring will premiere in SA on 19 December coinciding with the American release!

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Any Myst fans out there?

They’re running a promotion on their new Myst sequel, Myst III, due out in May. If you download the trailer you can enter in the draw to win free tickets to LOTR. You’ll get lots of free email from Ubisoft for the rest of your life, too. [More]

Note to self: Cancel all appointments for May.

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LOTR Banners Now at some Theatres

At least up here in River City (Montreal). The local Famous Players movie complex has a really nice banner up with our favoite movie poster. It’s in french and english, the french reads ‘One ring to rule them all, the trilogy begins December 2001’

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Exclusive: Brad Dourif Interview!

Ringer staff member Thorongil had the chance to met up with Brad Dourif (Grima Wormtongue) at last month’s ICON 20 convention in Stoneybrook, NY. Thorongil had the chance to find out what Brad thinks about Grima, the LOTR sets, Peter Jackson, his fellow cast members and much more! Check out this exclusive interview AND the accompaning real audio files for more! [More]

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CastWatch: More Liv at

Liv Tyler (Arwen) talks a little bit more about her role in LOTR in this story from CNN. Among the highlights:

That is nice (having the films done all at once), but there’s a part of me that’s kind of anxious to get into another role, because ‘Lord of the Rings’ was so spread out for me. I didn’t get that sense of working every day consistently for a period of time. And at the same time, I’m not the main character in those movies.” [More]

Thanks to sk0766 for the heads up.

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Hobbits! Super-Spy Ciggy Returns

Well, images seem to be popping up all over the place! And guess who decided to check in again? Super-Spy Ciggy! Check out these two exclusive images of hobbits.

\[ Click for Larger Version \]\[ Click for Larger Version \]

The first image looks to be just some random hobbits hanging out, possibly at Bilbo’s birthday party.

Our guess is that the second image is of Farmer Maggot.

Thanks Ciggy for the great pics!

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Bilbo and Gandalf pics!- UPDATED

imladris has two new great pics of Gandalf and Bilbo. Check them out Here and Here !SPOILERS!

Imaldris has posted another two images. Check out the fireworks coming into Hobbiton and a very scared looking Frodo. [More] [More]

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Update on Little Nicky DVD

We reported a while ago that the LOTR trailer is available on the ‘Little Nicky’ DVD, but well hidden. Well, thanks to we have instructions on finding it. [More]

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For Canadian Fans: the LOTR trailer again.

In my city (Victoria, British Columbia),Famous Players theatres is showing the LOTR trailer AGAIN before “Memento”. .. The audience was mostly older folks (25-55) and they seemed to be right “up” on the LOTR groundswell of popularity.”

Thanks to Sheila for that.

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New Images: Orc and Saruman

Greenleaf over at has two new pictures to start off the week. Check out a rather disgruntled looking Orc and another great shot of Saruman. [More]

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