Regular LOTR film fans will remember the sudden dismissal of Stuart Townsend in ’99, a week into his role as Aragorn. Earlier this week we reported an interview where he sounded OK about that; this interview in the Irish Times gives a different story.

“Just to let you know, the entertainment supplement with todays Irish Times (17/01) contains an interview with Stuart Townsend where he briefly talks about his short time on the LOTR production.

Quote: ‘I spent two months working on it in pre-production in New Zealand,’ Townsend says ‘and then,the day before shooting started,I was off the picture without filming a single scene.’ His cheery demeanour changes at the mention of the film. It was a ‘horrible’ experience, he says, and not one he’s keen to dwell upon to any extent, although he is becoming more philosophical about it. ‘Now I am glad that I’m off it. I really am. It was a very interesting experience, but I’m glad because it left me free to do another big studio movie, Queen of the Damned, which was wonderful to do”

Eeeep! Thanks to Cormac for that.