Here’s a round-up of some of the interesting comments and guesses we’ve received concerning the trailer and the images on the official website.

“Did you notice it was Bruce Spence in the make-up section of the new official site? Check the pic! We know his part, but more interesting… he’s being retouching outdoor, which means we see him in his complete prosthetic stuff (you don’t glue another silicon part just before a shoot) -mouth and nose. That’s what they’re colouring with their lil brushes and pencils… no more no less. Now… What can we guess? Obviously, “the Mouth of Sauron” will be centered on a mouth! A rotten one, with a full helmet hiding most of the face.
I just hope they could manage two holes large enough to get to Spence’s particuliar stare.”

Thanks to Deagol for that. And Morten noticed this:

“As the story goes the Banner of Rohan with the white horse against the green background was inspired by the Wiltshire Horse and its like (huge horses carved by removing a layer of grass revealing the chalk below).

I’m sure you’ve already noticed but I just found it really cool that one of the banners (bottom right) on one of the desktop images (found under the Screensavers section of the official website) actually looks like one of these old carvings.”

JR. had a guess about the glimpse of Arwen in the trailer:

“I think I figured out what the scene of Arwen in the trailer represents. If you remember from the appendix, Aragorn and Arwen pledged their love for one another on a hill in Lothlorien. The hill was covered in flowers. This has GOT to be from that scene.”

Adam saw the same picture in a more sombre light:

“This is just a guess on my part but I remember Peter Jackson saying in an interview that they expanded Arwen’s part quite abit from the epilogue
following the Return of the King….in the epilogue Arwen refuses to join Elrond in the journey over the sea. If Arwen stayed she would lose her immortality but live longer than any man. Aragorn lived a very long time for a man but died in his kingdom. Arwen stayed there for a time in but eventually left thier kingdom and went into the forest. The epilogue says she laid under a tree and passed on into eternity. That’s my speculation with no offical source.”

Would they show this in the trailer? Would they show this in the film at all? I wonder if they add punch to Arwen’s hard choice by making her able to forsee her own death in a premonition, if she chooses mortality? That would work, visually.