This was sent to me this morning. Coming from the Oxford Literary Press I would put more weight into this rumour. “The Lord Of the Rings”, the nation”s most popular novel, according to recent polls, is currently being made into a blockbuster movie by Hollywood director Peter Jackson. Jackson is preparing to film the three-part epic in his native New Zealand with a budget of millions of pounds and a cast of thousands. One member of the cast may come as a surprise to Tolkien aficionados; Christopher Tolkien, the author”s son and editor of many recent Middle-Earth releases, is strongly rumoured to be making a cameo appearance in the movie. Although both the Tolkien family and the Tolkien society have been keen to distance themselves from the production, word has reached us that Christopher has been approached to play a small part. Our insider, a member of the Tolkien Society tells us, “During talks with [Christopher] Tolkien, Peter Jackson broached the subject of a cameo appearance. Christopher has indicated that he would be pleased to take part as he has been impressed with the production and screenplay. The current thinking is that he will appear on-screen during the Council of Ellrond.” This will come as a surprise to many in view of the Tolkien family”s reticence to be involved with previous adaptations. We tried to contact the family but their representatives declined to comment. I really hope this rumour is true. Christopher Tolkien has done so much for Tolkien’s Literary works! It would be absolutely fabulous to see him make it into the film. Huge thanks goes out to ‘Broken Nose’ for the 411.