Today, San Diego Comic con began to roll out their full programming schedule. It starts with Preview Night and screenings of numerous Pilots for the Fall TV season (this reporter has seen Arrow and I highly recommend it), followed by the full schedule for Thursday, including TORn’s 10:15am panel in Room 6DE (one of the Top 5 rooms at comiccon and a well earned upgrade for us). The next 3 days will see the rest of the schedule fall into place, and then you can expect updates and changes right up until the convention starts, and sometimes even during the convention. will have a large slate of staffers in attendance, 13 in all, a Baker’s Dozen to be sure. Odd how that mirrors the number of Dwarves on this Unexpected Journey, now isn’t it? This is the largest we have ever had, if memory serves correctly. There will be live tweets, facebook posts and streaming content as often as possible from numerous locations on the exhibit hall floor and from numerous panels throughout the weekend. With 13 people running around, if something cool happens somewhere in SDCC, you will be the first to know. And remember, we are also going to be in not one, but two locations on the Exhibit Hall floor. We will be with are dear friends at Badali Jewelry at booth #530/532 and with our commrades from WETA a booth #3513B (inside the Gentle Giant booth). Oh, and one last note, we are hosting a little Tolkien Cosplay after our panel, about 11:30am-11:45am outside on the Terrace behind the Sails Pavillion on Thursday. Bring your costumes, bring you smiles and bring your cameras.

Let the mayhem begin. Although, why not start with the Convention Rules page before digging into the actual schedule Here!