There has been a stir around message boards and internet hoards for those noticing “Hobbit Trailer 2” showing up on documents and even websites that distributors and movie houses use for official purposes. People are hungry for new footage from “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” and it sure looked like something was coming. But, we can absolutely confirm that “Hobbit Trailer 2,” attached in many instances with “Brave,” this weekend, is not that new footage.

First we have this from the studio:
“TRAILER 2 that was posted about earlier this week is actually not a new trailer in the sense that it will contain new footage, it’s actually a cut-down of the previous trailer.”(More info and another source after the break)

And just in case conspiracy theorists out there think the studio is throwing us off the trail (which they wouldn’t do) and are still holding out hope, a spy sends this in, party in response to Demosthenes’ post just down the page:
“I do have some unfortunate news. I just finished previewing the 2:29 version of the Hobbit trailer (2). It is, in fact, the same trailer we’ve been introduced to, but slightly altered to comfortably go before the PG rated children’s film, Brave. However, there does appear to be a handful of very short sequences added to the trailer that are new to me, of course, to substitute for the scenes that involve the smoking of pipe tobacco. Regardless, it’s always a good trailer, and nothing to be overly disappointed about. Still anxiously awaiting the official ‘second’ theatrical trailer, and I will be sure to let you know the moment we DO receive it. I might have to sneak a peek, and share some spoilers with you fine folk 😉 …”

It seems clear this was intended to run with family film “Brave,” and was simply made appropriate for that. We will surely bring news of anything new that might be on display. As always, if you know of new material or have other information about this or anything else “Hobbit,” related hit us at “”

Finally, despite no official word from Warners, we still suspect there will be some big “Hobbit,” stuff going on during the San Diego Comic-Con. Internet sites have reported official confirmation of “The Hobbit,” during WB’s block of time in the 6,500 seat Hall H on Saturday, but checking with the studio, they were very clear that they have not announced anything and will let us know as soon as they do. Obviously we will then let you know as soon as that happens. Twitter: @TheOneRingNet and TORn’s Facebook page sometimes can react even faster than our website here.

Now, we fully expect “The Hobbit,” to be part of the goings-on on Saturday, July 14, and fully expect it to set the media/fan buzz machine on fire, but it isn’t official yet. However, will definitely have a “Hobbit” presentation on Thursday at 10:15 a.m. at the show in a 1,000 seat auditorium room 6DE. We will bring you as much of the entire five-day popular culture extravaganza as possible, especially including “Hobbit,” content. We also will be based in two spots on the dealer’s floor, talking with fans, hanging out with Weta Workshop and Badali Jewelry for the duration of the show. And, for those who can’t attend, we have you covered as well with our largest team ever of staffers on hand to bring you all the fun.

Oh and, don’t blame the studio for this one. They treated the “new” trailer as a business asset. Clever fans with eyes everywhere saw evidence of some new “Hobbit,” product coming and assumed it would have new footage. The studio never suggested this was the case and in fact has been clear about the content when asked. Must be nice to have consumers anticipating and begging for commercials for your movie though!