, along with 150 of our closest friends from the media and collector world, were granted access to a special Collector’s Party today at the International Toy Fare. Taking place at the Javits Center in New York City, this event showcased the entire 2012 line-up for LEGO, including their newly announced Marvel, DC and, of course, Lord of the Rings licenses. All we can tell you is…prepare for a hit on your bank account. Not because of cost, but simply because of the depth and breadth of the collection for Tolkien fans. Even more exciting…The Hobbit LEGOs have yet to be revealed!! Since we are reporting from NYC with limited time, I’m attaching the LEGO gallery below, and leaving you with some quick info. I’ll post a full report on each set later this week.

  • The Battle of Helm’s Deep and Attach at Weatherop sets mark the first time LEGO has created an articulated horse!
  • These sets will start hitting stores in June 2012
  • Hobbit sets/info will start hitting in the Fall with expected release of Nov/Dec 2012
  • Shelob Attacks is the first spider LEGO to feature a web function.
View the gallery after the break!