Navigating around the Hollywood press-release protocol, Peter Jackson announced via Facebook that he has cast Stephen Fry as the Master of Laketown. From Jackson’s comments it sounds like he and Fry are still working on the “Dambusters” film. “In addition to his writing skills, he’s a terrific actor and will create a very memorable “Master” for us.”

He also announces, “The Master’s conniving civil servant, Alfrid will be played by Ryan Gage.” And, in the “biggest” casting announcement so far (or probably ever) Conan Stevens, a mountain of a man who plays “The Mountain that Rides,” in HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” series, will play an orc named Dennis Azog. He was of course the starter of the war between the goblins (orcs) and dwarves and lived in Moria. By casting Stevens, a giant stunt actor, it probably means we can absolutely count on background in the conflict between dwarves and orcs so that by the time the action at The Lonely Mountain comes, we will know and feel the long history of hatred between the races. (On a personal note, this enters into my wildest dreams territory!) You can read the whole of Jackson’s Facebook update right here. He also details the shooting schedule which is pretty insightful.


  1. Guest

     Isn’t Ryan Gage already cast as Drogo? Will make up have significant enough differences?

  2. Oh, my gosh! Stephen Fry as ANTHING rocks. This, THIS is mega awesome!

  3.  Eek! Stephen Fry! This makes me even more stoked.

  4.  Wonderful news about Fry!  Though I had hoped they’d get him for Smaug – really, can you think of anyone else who could do disdain and boredom as well as he? – it’s wonderful that he’ll be in the picture. 

    • guest

      I am hoping for Bill Nighy for Smaug – sneering disdain and aristocratic hauteur.

    • guest

      I am hoping for Bill Nighy for Smaug – sneering disdain and aristocratic hauteur.

  5. Matt

    Nice use of the Tom Holt reference! 

  6. Thomas_horn

     Peter Jackson looks like a dwarf!

  7. Tauriel


  8. Can’t wait !

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