Our friend Jack from The Noldor Blog has just posted a new blog entry concerning Hugo Weaving/Elrond who’s been spotted down in Wellington, New Zealand.

An excerpt follows:

About an hour ago I received news from one of my more reputable spies, and he has reported seeing Hugo Weaving here in Wellington this afternoon, shopping at Common Sense Organics, the fruit and vege market in Wakefield Street… it’s probably a bit too hasty to assume that he’s here to be in The Hobbit, but I can’t think of any other reason why he would come here right now, just when they’re discussing Rivendell scripts. It’s certainly not for the weather (it’s howling a cold southerly gale out there at the moment).

With Peter Jackson having mentioned in his Easter Break post over at his Facebook page that there’d be “Rivendell scenes coming up“, does it seem too far-fetched to assume that Hugo Weaving is down in NZ prepping for The Hobbit?

Don’t forget to read the entire blog post over at The Noldor Blog.