According to an article in the today, actor Billy Boyd (Pippin) is planning a trip back to New Zealand this year to visit The Hobbit set during production. Billy, Elijah Wood (Frodo), and Dominic Monaghan (Merry) want to catch up with old friends and, for Billy and Dom, try to land even the smallest of cameos in the background. As Billy says in the article:

“Most of the guys have been back for a little trip or something but I have not managed it.

“I have been talking to Dom and Elijah and we are all going to go back this year. We will all go together, like a reunion trip. We want to go and see the sets.

“And while we’re there, there must be something for us. They must need a hobbit in the background somewhere. I can even put the big feet on myself!”

The article goes on to discuss Billy’s upcoming projects, music career and more. (Psst – Billy, if you feel like sharing some pics from your visit, send them along! We’d love to share your reunion experience!) [Read on]