has been invited and will attend popular culture conventions on both coasts as we present live at the San Diego Comic-Con and Atlanta’s DragonCon. Each convention will feature staff from TORn talking about the very latest news and spy reports on the Hobbit front and any other news tidbits we can get our hands on. We always try to bring guests either live or by video message and have time for fans to ask questions and interact.
Comic-Con: TORn will open the first full day of the convention with a panel featuring founders/staffers Calisuri, Quickbeam and MrCere with Weta expected to have something to say as well. In addition, TORn staffers will likely be found at the Weta booth and at Slave Boy Films‘ booth with unique TORn t-shirts available at each. TORn panel: Thursday, July 22, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. room 7AB.
DragonCon: TORn will spend Labor Day weekend at a fan table provided at one of the hotels of the convention selling shirts, running contests, giving items away and getting a lot of face time with fellow fans. In addition, TORn will present the latest Hobbit news at the show, perhaps as many as three times with staffers Deej, greendragon and MrCere. The convention features a whole weekend of Tolkien programming with lectures, presentations, and guests including Sean Astin. The event includes all-night festivities and fellowship and costuming that never ends. TORn panel: TBA