Raffles & Auctions

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Raffles and Auctions

Upon entering the party space, look to the left and you will find Rivendell, aka the TORn Store. This will be the home of all the Raffle and Auction items, and be where you will go to redeem your T-shirts, or to buy more of them. Below you will find some of the details of what will be happening in this room all night long. The room will be open all night, except for a 30 minute window when we close down the Raffle and Auctions to tabulate the winners. Exact times will be announced at the party so you will know when you have to get your raffle tickets or auction bids in. Once the winners are tabulated, we will re-open so that you can check your raffle ticket numbers or to see if you were the high bidder on a coveted treasure. We accept both Cash and Credit Card in the TORn store.
For those of you with full tickets to the party, you will be receiving 2 complimentary raffle tickets and you will have the opportunity to buy more. For those with ‘Show Only’ Entish Entertainment tickets to the party, you will also be able to buy raffle tickets.

There will be numerous items available in our Raffle Prize Draw. Rather than collect raffle tickets into one large box and award prizes that you may or may not want, we do things a little differently. This raffle will be done with individual boxes for each item available. This way, you can put your raffle tickets into the box for the specific items you wish to win, and you won’t have to worry about winning something you are not that interested in. We will be closing the room down for a 30 minute span so that we can select all the winners.

If you are a winner of one or more items, please only collect them on your way out, we will not be able to store them. Since we will likely have a lot of raffle items, we will be posting the winning numbers on a Poster board outside the entrance to the room, as well as in front of each item. We will not be announcing the raffle ticket numbers from the stage, except for maybe the largest and coolest of prizes.

We also have some very special items available in the Silent Auction. Some are signed collectibles and others are handcrafted pieces of artwork. Each item will have a bid sheet with a description, starting price and space for you to enter your name and make a bid. We ask that when you increase someone’s bid, you do so in $5 increments at minimum. We will close down the Auction at an announced time and close the room for about 30 minutes while we note all the winning names. Once we re-open you can check the items you bid on to see if you are a winner. If you find that you have won more than one item, you can pay for all at once. You will be expected to take the items you’ve won after you have paid, we will not be able to store the items, so best pick them up just before you leave the party.

Shirt Redemption
For everyone with a ticket that included a T-shirt, make sure you have sent your shirt size in to partyadmins@theonering.net.We will be printing up those shirts based on the size requests you provided. Once you arrive at the party, along with your Raffle Tickets and your Drink Coupons, you will receive a voucher for your T-shirt. You may collect your shirt any time during the party. There will be a lot of a traffic at the end of the night for the Auction and Raffle winners, so try and pick up your shirt early on.

Shirt sales
If you wish to buy more shirts or did not get a package that included one, we will be selling them in the store. We will have a finite number of shirts in various sizes, so do check early on to ensure you get a shirt in the size you require.

List of some of the Auction and Raffle prizes:

Here are some of the items we will have available for the silent auction and raffle. We have some rather big ticket prizes, numerous autographed items, and some original artwork for you, and at least one item offered for a Charity Auction. Everything on this list will be split fairly evenly between the silent auction and the raffle, giving everyone a chance to walk away with something very cool. This is not a complete list, things are still arriving, but it will give you an idea of what you will have a chance to either bid on or try and win in a Chinese style raffle drawing.

Artwork –

Gollum Stained Glass Window – handmade

Prancing Pony Mug – handmade

Green Dragon Mug – handmade

Bilbo’s Teacups – handmade

Mallorn Leaf Serving Plate – handmade

Signed Items –

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King “For Your Consideration” script – signed by numerous LOTR cast and crew

DOS Bilbo Poster – signed by numerous Hobbit cast and crew

DOS Cast Poster – signed by numerous Hobbit cast and crew

TOPPS Autograph Cards – One each for Cate Blanchett, Liv Tyler, Billy Boyd, Sean Astin and Elijah Wood.

Big Ticket Items –

Sideshow Artist Proof of Sauron statue

Sideshow Artis Proof of Galadriel


One note for those of you not attending the party, two of the Signed TOPPS cards, the Sam and Frodo cards, will be raffled off for the Non-Attending supporters during our Live Stream of the party.




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