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Image by Ted Nasmith
Played by: Visually they will be CGI characters. Voices not yet cast.
Name: Spiders
Alias: Attercop, Tomnoddy, Lazy Lob, Crazy Cob
Date of Birth: Unknown
Race: Spider
Height: Not specified, but very large for a spider
Date of Death: August-September, T.A. 2941 (S.R. 1341)
Alignment: Evil
Parents: Unknown, but descended from Shelob
Children: Unknown
Description: Huge and horrible (their bodies are compared to footballs, but may be larger), with hairy legs and foaming nippers.


Tolkien said he put the Spiders in The Hobbit because his son Michael disliked them. They live in a “place of dense black shadow” from which they venture out to hunt, and are in turn hunted by the Wood-elves. Near the Wood-elves’ feasting glade, the Spiders capture twelve of the Dwarves and bind them in webbing as food, but Bilbo rescues them with the aid of his ring of invisibility and sword (which he names “Sting” after first killing a spider). In LOTR, the spiders of Mirkwood are said to be Shelob’s “lesser broods”.

Memorable Quotes

  • “I saw one a-struggling just now. Just coming round again, I should say, after a bee-autiful sleep.” (one spider to the other spiders)
  • “You were quite right … the meat’s alive and kicking!” (one spider to the other spiders)
  • “Now we see you, you nasty little creature.” (to Bilbo)
  • They also hiss a lot