Friend of the Chief of the Guards, one of Galion’s responsibilities is sending empty wine and food barrels through the cellar trapdoors and into the stream that runs under the caves that joins the Forest River and on to Lake-town. While waiting for other Wood-elves to move the empty barrels ultimately used for the Dwarves’ and Bilbo’s escape, the King’s Butler invited the Chief of the Guards to taste the new Dorwinion wine. The two Elves consumed so much that they fell asleep, which allowed Bilbo to steal the prison keys, free the Dwarves, and load them into the empty barrels. The King’s Butler is very grumpy when he’s finally woken by the Elves late-coming from the feast. When they question the weight of the “empty” barrels, his anger rises. “‘Get on with the work!’ growled the Butler. ‘There is nothing in the feeling of weight in an idle toss-pot’s arms. These are the ones to go and no others. Do as I say!'”

Memorable Quotes

  • “Here’s the old villain with his head on a jug! He’s been having a little feast all to himself and his friend the captain.” (about him, when discovered by the feasting elves)


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