John Rawls

John was born in England on May 4, 1972 and raised in Hamilton, New Zealand, after moving there at age six. John has worked as an actor on screen and in theatre, both in the UK , where he studied at the EADA Academy of Dramatic Art in London and New Zealand. In addition to being cast in the Hobbit movies, John’s recent film work includes supporting roles in “The Warriors Way” (Hell Rider) and “30 Days of Night” (Zurial). Television credits include appearances in “Spartacus” (Byzo) and “Legend of the Seeker” (Samuel). John also has an impressive list of theater appearances in the U.K. including playing Merlin in “King Arthur Sends for Merlin.”

John was originally cast as the goblin, Azog, but his role changed to the new character, Yazneg.


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