Conan Stevens

from IMDB:

Conan was born and raised in Australia of combined British/German blood. Conan studied Drama at the University of Newcastle where his academic studies took 2nd place to his joining the University Regiment (infantry) and winning the record for the Bachelor Of Inebriation and holding that record for several years until his flatmate took the title.

He first achieved some measure of fame by appearing in the “Super Hubert Cancer Fund Raiser” comedy show that aired on local TV, not long after Conan Appeared on stage with Camp British comedian Julian Cleary.

Several years later Conan had a chance meeting with Graeme Murphy, Director and choreographer of the Sydney Dance Company, Graeme and Conan had a few drinks and Graeme asked Conan to come in and try out for a new modern ballet that Graeme was producing. Conan did, passed the audition and then worked in the smash hit “Berlin” that played six return seasons at the prestigious Sydney Opera House.

During his time with Sydney Dance Company Conan also won the Australian Professional Wrestling Championship – both Tag team and Heavyweight titles.

A crushing nerve injury sidelined Conan’s muscle building endeavors and smashed his hopes of getting a WCW contract in Atlanta, Georgia. this also led him to give up his hopes of becoming an action movie star.

But not forever…

5 years later Conan moved to Thailand on the chance he might get 3 days work on the Thai childrens movie “Powerkids”, Conan got the part and in the initial meeting talked his way into playing a support role as the end fight in the movie Som Tam, fighting against “the other” 7 foot Australian wrestler Nathan Jones.

Over the next few years Conan appeared in 5 Thai movies, several large budget Indian and Chinese movies and set himself as an active participant in the Asian movie industry, but his greatest success was the movie Bangkok Adrenaline.

Conan wrote the script in 30 days, helped in pre-production and co-starred in this action/comedy movie that was made wholly “So we can showcase our skills”. Bangkok Adrenaline had a successful 7 week run in Thai cinemas and successfully released on DVD internationally. Not bad for a first attempt by a couple of mates getting together over a few beers.

All the time this was happening Conan was recording his slow climb to fame in Thailand and beyond via his website.

After several near misses, Conan was eventually able to land a role in the HBO TV series “A Game Of Thrones” by utilizing his programming and Internet marketing skills. And of course passing the acting audition…

… and that is where we find Conan today (Aug 2010).


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