The Great Hall of Poets – October 2013

The Ring of Barahir
By: Old Toby

A priceless treasure, wrought in silver,
serpents’ heads and gem of green;
House of Bëor in open war,
defying Morgoth’s deadly dream.
Felagund in challenge stood
before Death’s door that bore his name;
saved by the hand of mortal man
in Battle of the Sudden Flame.
A priceless treasure beyond measure,
washed in blood and held in fear;
a gift well-earned for life returned
from Felagund to Barahir.

A token for a time of war,
a father’s son to wear the ring;
‘twas by perchance he saw her dance,
fair Lúthien, and heard her sing.
Beren fell beneath her spell,
her price born out of ancient greed;
her father’s will, a Silmaril,
a jewel to sate his hungry need.
A token for an oath that swore
an Elf King’s promise gravely made;
the battle won, he saved the son,
and by his death the debt was paid.

A priceless treasure, wrought in silver,
token for a time of war;
an heirloom passed down to the last
surviving kin of Isildur.
A priceless treasure beyond measure,
token for an oath that swore
both blood and tears down through the years;
the final end, the Timeless Shore.
From elven King thus passed the ring
to mortal hand, to legend’s heir;
a silver ring for Gondor’s King,
the fabled Ring of Barahir.


To The East
A Hobbit poem by Anonymous

Look to the East,
To the mountain home,
To our hoard of gold,
And our fathers’ bones.

Look to the East,
Past darkening trees,
Past the Bear-man’s land,
And goblin thieves.

Look to the East,
To Elven halls,
Past quarrelling trolls,
And rain that falls.

Look to the East,
Over Shire hills,
Past green smials,
And Hobbit mills.

Look to the East,
Past evenings well fed.
Warm hearths soon behind us,
With home ahead.


Ode for Arwen
by Edualy M

Arwen, Arwen Undómiel,
Bright Star of Rivendell
Whose hair dark as the night
Whose eyes burned
With the flame of Aman!

Here you lived
And here you passed
But still they sing of you:
The One who gave her soul
To him who stole her love.

Your Love saved him,
Your kiss healed his wounds,
That fateful day long ago
When you plighted your troth
Upon Cerin Amroth!

Yet once more your light will shine
When you and he shall be called
Together holding hands in peace
Forever under The One in bliss.


By: TolkienGirl

Come with me my friend
If only for a day
Let your imagination take over
And your worries float away

To a place where the sun shines bright
Where rain is cool and sweet
Where the softest wind blows
And green grass tickles your feet

Where lakes flow crystal clear
And mountains rise up strong
Their snowy peaks touching the clouds
Oh, won’t you come along?

To a place where eagles soar
Where dragons guard the skies
Where hobbits dance in the moonlight
And elves sweet songs arise

Let your heart be free
Where time means nothing

Follow your dreams and find your fate
Let your adventure begin


Wizard of Mystery
By: Chris W

Wizard of mystery,
Gandalf, an Istari,
Keeper of rings to light
Fires in mens’ souls

Pipe gripped in his fist he,
Finally retires to
A land without trolls.



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