The Great Hall of Poets – November 2017

Web of Deceit

by David McG

What is this place Samwise? Why has he led us here?
It smells of death, it reeks of fear
Oh why has he led us here?
The tunnels seem so vast Sam, and yet they’re closing in.
They stifle air and choke out light
Oh Sam. What’s this place we’re in?

That Gollum, Master Frodo. That sneaking, skulking thing!
He’s tricked us, as I knew he would.
He wants only the Ring!
The Black Gate was impossible, he wanted us too see.
To make us choose this awful path.
He tricked us, you and me!

Did you hear that Mister Frodo? Did you hear that rasping sound?
I fear that something hunts here.
In these tunnels underground.
Scuffle…..Stop…… Scuffle….Stop
I feel the danger closing.
Blast that filthy Smeagol!
That sneaking , skulking thing.

Quiet yourself now Samwise. We have to carry on.
The darkness is consuming me,
I fear I have not long.
The Ring is calling out Sam, to what I do not know?
But of one thing I am certain of,
It’s forward we must go!

I see it! Mister Frodo Sir, I see its gleaming eyes.
Shining in the darkness there
And us stuck here like flies!
It’s coming! Mr Frodo sir, it’s time to stand and fight.
But wait now Mr Frodo.
Don’t you have the Lady’s Light?

“Aiya Eärendil elenion ancalima!”

It’s blinded by the light Sam. Hear how it shrieks in pain!
Hold the light and steady your hand
Let’s hope it’s not in vain!
I’ll cut a way through these clinging webs that hold fast to our feet
Though I fear we’re caught already in strands
of Smeagol’s dark deceit!

Hurry on now Samwise, it’s time to chance our fate.
Quickly up this path now,
I pray it’s not too ………

~~ * ~~

Guardians of the Night

by: Emmett T

They stand in the night as a guardian to the
cold traveller. Their pale faces shining
to light his path in the darkness. They guide him
home to the glowing hearth.
He sees his mother’s eyes ahead of him,
red from weeping at his departure
He remembered her words to him.
She told him of the guardians in the night
those that lead wayward travelers home, and
guard their paths throughout their wanderings.
The faces in the night lead him to a picturesque
cottage, flowers lay in neat beds, roses by the door.
Window boxes overflow in bursts of colour.
The moonlight gives the setting an ethereal look, as
smoke rises from the little chimney. He opens
the gate and walks the well-trodden path to the door.
He lifts the latch, listening to the creak
of the unoiled hinges. An old woman sits
knitting by the fire, head now gray, shoulders
bent with age. Her face now wrinkled still bears
the same smile of years long past.
She raises her head, tired eyes looking
at the bearded man standing in
her doorway. A faint smile spreads
across her lips, as she looks him over,
she sees in the man, the face of a son, long missing
from her home, but remaining in her memory.
The night guardians brought him safely home,
across many raging seas and over snowy
mountains, to the place of his birth. A small
cottage in the woods, protected by the
guardians of the night.

~~ * ~~

Merry and Theoden

by: Laurelindorenan

You shall be like a father to me
And you shall be as my son
For you have a courage few bother to see
And you are as grand as the sun

I’ll tell you my tales of a land far away
I will smile at your laughter and song
And long by my side, at my hand you will stay
And I will stay all the day long

And if into battle my fealty calls
You’ll be safe til the battle is won
At war even power and loyalty falls
But I cannot like cowards run!

Did I not give you my oath and my sword?
Your heart is unmatched by your size
To take you to war unprepared shames your lord
Staying’s equal a shame to my eyes!

Please, I don’t want to be parted like this
Our horses are swift; you know not how to ride
You must stay behind, great though your heart is
Could I not to some stirrup be tied?

My heart sorrows. My king, my liegelord, farewell!
I fear for that lad; no, I fear for us all
I could not bear it if he by me fell
I follow in secret; he won’t friendless fall

He is slain!– or near death– I leap to his side
Swordthain, like son: how came you at hand?
I’m not long from last sleep– no, do not cry!
My lord, I am sorry! I broke your command,

I wanted to help– I thought I could save–
As my child, I have loved you; at peace may you be
I forgive you; weep not, I know you were brave–
So fall one like a father to me.

~~ * ~~