The Great Hall of Poets – November 2016

The Departure of Celebrian

by: Lydwina Marie

My heart is breaking on the quay,
I board the ship by sun’s last ray.
Grouped together, the four I love
Stand to wish me one last farewell.

Elrond, my dearest love, you weep;
You hold the rose I bade you keep.
Your eyes find mine for one last time,
You say farewell with silent words.

Elladan, fearless warrior,
I beg you, son, to weep no more.
Your tears will fade, your grief will ease;
Be strong and we will meet once more.

Elrohir, darling steadfast son,
Weep no more; face your fear, don’t run.
We’ll meet at last in Valinor
No more to part, but now stand firm.

Arwen, my own fair Evenstar,
Your beauty equals any star.
Such grief is not for little ones,
But keep faith, for we’ll meet again.

Lift your eyes for one last goodbye,
The ship’s departing, my time is nigh.
Hold your peace and do not fear,
And we will meet on Hither Shore.

~~ * ~~