The Great Hall of Poets – May 2017

The Lay of Unnumbered Tears

by: Ben M

Silmaril seized from strong Iron Crown.
Gained by mortal Beren and graceful Lúthien, immortal.
Might of Morgoth, made lowly now.
“Time has come.” Told Maedhros the Tall.

New Union of knights: Naugrim, Men, Elves.
Baron of Belegost, Blue Mountain’s best: Azaghâl.
Fierce brothers, seven fell; Fëanor’s Oath fettered.
Nargothrond’s few numbers, North to Nirnaeth marched.

Disdain from Doriath for daughter’s despair and
Camlost’s cruel fate. King consenting only two.
The bold and highborn: Beleg wielding Belthronding;
Heavy Handed Mablung. Heroes not hesitant.

Faithful friend of Maedhros: fair Fingon answered.
The helmed Eldar High King. Húrin and Huor from Dor-Lómin.
Captains of courage, courageously heeded.
Daring for Dagor Aglareb; Dagor Bragollach avenging.

Eldar and Elf-friend assembled, a last assault appointed.
Wrath of Morgoth waxed; wrought were evil plans.
Doubt shadowed Fingon, delayed in the East was Maedhros.
Over Anfauglith’s sands Orcs advanced unseen.

Goodly Turgon of Gondolin, gladdened hearts unlooked for.
“Utúlie’n aurë! Day has come!” “Auta I lómë! Night is gone!”
Haughty hearts grew hot, Húrin stayed Eldar hosts.
Blinded Gelmir brought, baited the Eldar at Barad Eithel

Gelmir disfigured, dismembered. Gwindor in high dudgeon
Slayed until the Gate. Son of Guilin there captured.
Demon, dragon, nor wolf ensured defeat of Maedhros’ Union
Faithless Men betrayed Men; fighting for Thangorodrim.

Merry meeting, Turgon and brothers, in mayhem’s merciless midst.
Hearts glad, hope renewed, As hosts of Hell surrounded.
Glaurung the Great Worm, Gulf between armies.
Faithless sons of Ulfang, fought sons of Fëanor.

Numbers of enemy increased. Noldor and Naugrim fled.
Dire deeds Belogost, the Dwarves won honor.
Azaghâl led armor and axes, attacked Angband’s beasts.
In nave of knave went knife of Naugrim Lord.

In ghastly rage of gory wound, Glaurung crushed Azaghâl.
Deep throated dirge for dead King. The Dwarves none dared stop.
Balrog-lord came to battle, between Eldar hosts.
Surrounded, Fingon stood alone. Safeguard dead, shield broken.

Bright flames and black axe; Blue and white banner, blood-mired
High King hewed by Gothmog, helm cloven white flame springing.
Last left on lost field Lord Turgon and beloved lieges:
Húrin and Huor held the House of Hador faithful.

“Go now, good lord, Turgon. Go, fly, to Gondolin!”
Hailed Húrin amidst the hosts, “Hope of Eldar hearts’”
“Discovered and defeated Gondor will be,” Darkness deigned Turgon’s heart:
“Halls of stone shall not stand.” “Stay, lord! In sooth Huor speaks.”

“Eyes of death on-look ahead. Arising, alighting from you and I.
Gleaming star, glittering bright.” Glorfindel guarded, Ecthelion guided Turgon’s way
Heroes of Dor-lómin, Húrin and Huor’s last stand.
Renown won at Rivil’s Stream, red ran the water of no retreat.

The House of Hador fell one by one, heaps of slain, the Men of Hithlum.
Appalling mounds erected by Orcs, added Huor by arrow-pierced eye.
Alone stood Húrin the Steadfast, upon whom Hell’s onslaught broke.
Brandishing battle-axe two-handed, black blood of trolls it smoked.

Undaunted, unflinching, unshrinking: Húrin. Uldor’s treachery redressed.
“Day shall come again. Aurë entuluva!” Declared seventy times over.
Gangs of Orcs grappled him. Gothmog bound and dragged him.
Waning sun as war ended. West winds storming blew.

Morgoth’s means accomplished. Mortal and immortal by Men betrayed;
Alliance with Elves estranged. Except the faithful Edain.
Wreck and ruin, received by Angband’s foes.
Hallowed ground, heroes fallen. Housing the dead, Hill of the Slain.

Unnumbered Tears, uncounted woe.