The Great Hall of Poets – June 2014


In Thanks to a King

By Cassie

Adrift so long you came and turned the tide,
Showed me how to live again in life and not in dreams,
Alone I was and stifled from the world.
Lost without a hope that I could flee from others schemes.

Unwanted touch and words that made skin crawl,
Were all I had until you came and showed the glint of light.
No fathers love nor mothers warm embrace.
Alone, none left to lead me, guide me, teach me how to fight.

You shone a light where there was none before,
A beacon to my lost and fragile heart it drew me nigh.
I felt my spirit soar and call your name
Freed once more from golden cage to live and love and fly.

But in my heart I think I always knew,
That you were far to lofty for such earthly love as mine.
And when at last I had to let you go,
The parting was so hard I felt the world stop for all time.

So, Riding into battle seemed so be
the only thing left to me in this land of broken dreams.
If not my heart, my life I would you gift
To help you in your fight against the dark lords cunning schemes.

Yet even then you saved me from myself.
As I lay dying shorn of hope you called me back from ‘mares
Of cloying shadows bearing down my soul.
Your voice rang through the darkness like an answer to my prayers,

And in my healing you showed me the way.
To find that life is more than just renown for glory’s sake
In love could I be strong and whole once more
A shadow and a dream no longer now I am awake.




By Elodrin

Among the fairest forests cold,
Where ever a sorrowful Elven-Maid
Walks under a golden shade.
Lies Lórien the fair.

With hair, golden and white,
Upon her fair forehead, a star shines bright.
While singing and dreaming of beautiful Valinor,
And the sound of the ocean waves’ roar.

The trees shine with brilliant light,
And branches together brush and twine.
The grasses in the breezes sway.
The bees in their flowery cradles lay.

The Lord and Lady of the glades,
Waited upon with serving maids,
Upon their thrones both proud and fair,
Leave travellers free from pain and care.

And in the midst of all the trees,
Drowned in flowers like the seas,
Fills hearts with Joy and heals all ills,
Lies Cerin Amroth: the greatest of hills.

An Elven maid lifts up her voice,
Sadly singing of her choice:
“Farewell, my dearest Middle-earth,
The world of my Lothlórien’s birth.



I was never city born

By Kangi Ska

I was never city born,
Nor was I raised in steel and chrome;
I was a child of fields and fens
That claimed the forest as my home.
My best of friends were never tamed.
The wild held our hearts
Though our innocence did pass at last
As our lives drew life apart.
Each found a different way,
Through the maze of doubts and fears,
To build our isolated cells
At the burning ends of blurring years.
Still I visit times with them
When I wake up late alone
With pains in withered hands
And aches in ancient bones.
How we danced the living sun,
How we sang before the storm,
Once we ruled the wilderness
For none of us was city born.



Journey’s End

By GwethalineAnno

Through time and mountains high, under starlight and red sky…
far we have come, hard road traveled.
Stories long told, of heroes who fight and battles won.
Turn the page, close the book and carry on.
It is time we go home, we have reached journey’s end.

Others may come and go in the telling,
but the story remains the same.
Many more were the footsteps of those that came to this place,
than those who now wander home,
your names now join those of the kings of old and we shall never forget.
It is time for you to go home, you have reached journey’s end.

No dragon fire or forgotten gold could ever take our hope and let despair take hold,
for in the darkness there is always a light…
let it guide you, take you to the door where it all began…
for I go there and back again.
It is time I go home, I have reached journey’s end.
It is time we go home, we have reached….journey’s end…..



Long Ago

By Lindariel

The leaves were turning golden on the trees,
long ago–
the winds were dancing sprightly on the heights,
long ago–
Fading legends: the Elves will not forget:
long ago.

The mist was turned to sunshine on the glade,
long ago–
the sun was setting, fair pink, in the east,
long ago–
Fading legends: the Elves will not forget:
long ago.

The water fair was flung up in the night,
long ago–
and full of mist it shone well like the moon,
long ago–
Fading legends: the Elves will not forget:
long ago.

Now say farewell to moon-kissed glade and fen,
and sing–
now say farewell to mist-enveloped streams,
and sing–
of legends: the Elves will not soon forget:
long ago.



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