The Great Hall of Poets – July 2016

The Fate Of the Trees

By: Ross W.

Tree of silver, tree of gold
Of their beauty much is told
Yavanna, goddess of growth
Created and did plant them both
Telperion, the elder, shone
In silver hues across the lawns
And Laurelin of golden leaves
Did light the world and darkness cleave

The lights of the trees did wax and wane
And thus began the count of days
From them came the sun and moon
But fate had already decided their doom
For Morgoth, dark enemy of the light
Sort their destruction with all his might
But all that was yet to come
In the days of the trees before the sun

For the Valar dwelt, the gods on earth
In Valinor and all was well
And in the light of the two trees
The elves dwelt also from across the sea
And so came a time of celebration
And a feast was held for all the nation
But Morgoth had now crept from hiding
And in the shadows his time was biding

He knew the trees would have no guard
So drew his spear and stabbed it hard
Their light then faded, the world was still
While Ungoliant drank her fill –
The foul spider in Morgoths train.
The Valar cried out, but it was vain
For by Ungoliants foul breath
The sacred trees did meet their death.

~~ * ~~