The Great Hall of Poets – July 2014

Lament for Boromir

By Cassie

Brave son of Gondor,
So proud and so tall,
The white city will weep,
When told of your fall.

You battled so bravely
to save them both there,
Courageous and strong
you were, fierce and fair.

They will sing of your deeds
in both City and Shire,
Of the orcs that you slew
as the battle raged higher,

Until pierced by too many
black arrows, you fell,
Protecting the Halflings
as stories will tell.

O, Brave son of Gondor
who’s body now rests
to let others resume with
this hardest of quests.

Be at peace with yourself
And the choices you made
In the end you came through
Your true colours displayed.


The Argonath

By I. Salogel

The ancient structures, bold and tall
Still standing watch above the fall
Are silent; and no voices call
From carven mouths to river wall.

Yet though they cannot see or speak
They stand with pride while rivers leak
Between their mighty feet; and seek
For those whose hearts are frail and weak.

Centuries did they command
With vacant gaze and outstretched hand
For centuries they still will stand
Remaining guardians of their land.

They bear helms fine as any king hath,
They still withstand the weather’s wrath
And stand o’er flowing river path
Unchangeable – the Argonath.



By Lindariel

Under shining trees in woodland fair,
Apart from any mortal care,
Lies Ithilien in splendour bright,
Ithilien of trees of glorious light.

Yet beyond the woodland fair,
There was not an evil ne’er,
Cool are the streams that run,
Bubbling and laughing in fun.

Still lies Ithilien, still in blossom bright,
Still the moon shines on it with glim’ring light;
O Ithilien! No cares or woes carry in your heart!
O Ithilien! One last fading sprig save for me.


Lady of the Evenstar

By Elodrin

Lady of the Evenstar,
Pure white skin without a mar,
Hair as black as the blackest coal,
Gentle, but strong as a month-old foal.

Lady of the Evenstar,
With a Man her heart travelled far,
Chose to lead a mortal life,
Yet a life that to her was free from strife.

Lady of the Evenstar,
Unbendable as an iron bar,
Give me what I wish today,
A gem before your feet to lay.


A Death of Fire

by Feagin

What did they do,
Within those halls of stone,
To send him upon us?

I had warned them,
That awakening him,
Would kill us all,
But they did not listen.

So now we shall die,
In a hurricane inferno,
Brought to us,
By the dwarves.

I shall die,
A death of fire,
But I refuse to fall,
Unless that beast falls with me.


Smaug’s Threat

By Rebekah B.

Smaug & Bard


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