The Great Hall of Poets – January 2014

A Birthday Present to Professor Tolkien

(written from the pov of a hobbit)

By: Llinos

On the anniversary of your birth,
I’d like to thank you for Middle-earth,
For the rivers, plains and mountains of fire,
But most of all – thanks for The Shire.

The woods and fields and little streams,
The beech trees talking in their dreams,
Cosy homes with big round doors,
You made them ours, these tales of yours.

Thanks for making hobbits like us,
Quiet shy folk, who don’t want a fuss,
Thanks for making us loyal and true,
Oh and thanks for the ale and pipeweed too.

For making us lively and full of tricks
And never taller than three foot six,
For sturdy feet and woolly pates,
Second breakfast and filled up plates.

You found a place, peaceful and calm,
And filled it with wonder, magic and charm,
Although a professor, learned and wise,
You shared the world you saw through your eyes.

On hobbits’ birthdays, we give things away,
And it’s clear that you celebrate in the same way.
You gave us a gift more precious than gold,
A wonderful dream that will never grow old.


Homage to J.R.R. Tolkien

By Ithilwen of Imladris

Each a glimmering world on high,
Jewel-like, they fill the sky.
Souls of fire, flowers fair
Opening like diamonds in the air.

Happy he who loves their light,
He who wand’ring in the night
Hears their stories, ancient lays,
Stories of the Elder Days.


By; TolkienGirl

Come with me my friend
If only for a day
Let your imagination take over
And your worries float away

To a place where the sun shines bright
Where rain is cool and sweet
Where the softest wind blows
And green grass tickles your feet

Where lakes flow crystal clear
And mountains rise up strong
Their snowy peaks touching the clouds
Oh, won’t you come along?

To a place where eagles soar
Where dragons guard the skies
Where hobbits dance in the moonlight
And elves sweet songs arise

Let your heart be free
Where time means nothing
Follow your dreams and find your fate
Let your adventure begin

Song of Tolkien’s Moon and Sun

By: Neal Dachstadter

The Moon and the Sun
Said “Let’s have some fun
And dwell in the sky
Together, to vie.

And I’ll claim ‘It’s day’
While you gleam ‘No way,’
We’ll see if they fight
Or say ‘No that’s trite.’”

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
Combined stern with joking,
Stared up at their play
And spun “Durin’s Day.”

The map of the Mountain
Suggested Try counting
Each morning and evening
Till neither were leaving.

When Silver and Gold
Are both shining bold
Then take the old key,
A rock flake will flee.

That door to the treasure?
Untold, without measure,
Shall grace those who seek
And face toward the peak.

“Are you the Dwarves’ spy?”
The Elves asked the sly,
Soaked Bilbo, now humble,
When down he did stumble.

He meant to do well,
But almost caught hell,
So find a good nook;
Lo read ye the book.


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