The Great Hall of Poets – August 2017

A Fathers Love

by David McG

I watched as you came unexpected
Hunted and haunted in arms entwined
A babe you were from a ravaged land
Dispossessed and sheltered in mine.
I loved you as I loved my own
Protected you and fretted for you and taught you to stand alone.

In hope I named you to bring forth the end
Estel,to hide you from a shadow and whisper
Entrusted to carry your heritage broken
To return them to you once you had grown
In honour, for the House of Arnor
Respected you and stood fast for you and kept the wolves from the door.

I watched you as you have grown to love
From Lothlorien my most precious of treasures
Gilraen, broken by loves shattered dreams
Could not foresee the fates such as yours would bring
I set the task. Sceptre withheld for honour gained
Defied the lessons of history and lore
For I had foreseen your Kingdom reclaimed.

Know this Elessar, Aragon,Dunedian.
Through many fates I have watched your line grow
I have seen my Evenstar at your side
Endured with you the pain of loss and the joy of life
Now I know she will endure when all comes to an end
Sword, ring and sceptre restored
Thank you my King, my friend, my son.

~~ * ~~

The Misunderstanding of Melkor

By: Mitch P.

One in song, one in mind.
One in spirit, one in kind.

Harmonies to play a part.
A chorus born to ease His heart.

Given life without a choice
Born to sing without a voice.

Why am I here, and what is good?
Plagued by questions, misunderstood.

All around me, so content;
Can they not sense my heart is rent?

Discordant tones begin to rage
inside my soul, a mental cage.

What shall we say, or rather I,
If any hear my inner cry!

I wish that I could simply be,
but if I show them, will they see?

A single note sounds out of place
disrupting harmonizing space.

Abhorring that from whence we came,
Regarding it with fear, with shame.

Do they not see what lies ahead?
When sun has faded, and moon is dead?

For with the light there’s also dark
and darkness brings to life the spark.

How can you hate where we begin?
To sing of it is such a sin?

They fear what they don’t understand
They cast me down onto the land.

For being me, cast from above
If only He had shown me love…

Truly light has made them blind
Too bright to see what lies behind!

Instead I’ll show them, they will know.
What light unhindered can bestow.

With fire born from light they love,
I now reign it from above

To teach light’s evil, and dark’s grace,
I shall bring flames upon this place!

I will show you light is wrong
without my darkness in your song.

Unbalanced now, you’ll crave my power
To extinguish and devour.

But I’ll be absent, sent away.
Learn well my lesson of night and day.

And in the end I hope you’ll sing
of peace that only dark can bring.

~~ * ~~

Alone, I Wander

By: Lydwina Marie

Alone, you whisper in my heart,
but crashing waves between us lie.
Amroth, love, the sea has conquered
the love I vowed would never die.

Alone, I waited by the sea,
crouched ‘neath tree and wind-filled vale.
By light of star of gleam of sun,
I watched in vain; there came no sail.

Alone, I stood upon the shore,
the wind hard-blowing o’er the sea.
The gulls wheeled over stormy waves
and brought no word from him to me.

Alone, my heart cried out for him,
Amroth, Amroth, heed my call!
No answer came; my heart grew dim –
I turned at last to forests tall.

Alone, I wandered far abroad,
the autumn passed, the winds blew cold.
The years passed by with untold grief;
the trees grew grey, the forests old.

Nimrodel! the cry was borne.
Nimrodel, my Elven dove!
Alas, no answer ever came;
the waves crashed down, they drowned our love.

Alone I wander ‘neath the trees,
my Elf-King’s vows a fading cry.
I forsook my seaborne love;
the winds bear forth my broken sigh.

Alone, I heed yet not the cries;
Alone, I wander through my tears.
A silver shadow speaks my name:
Nimrodel… I flee in fear.

Nimrodel, my faithful love,
‘tis I who wanders wood and dell!
In terror now you run from me –
you hope, you fear; aye, I can tell.

A final call; you turn to me,
while o’er our heads the storm clouds wheel.
I hold you now within my arms,
and with a kiss, our love, we seal.

Together, now, on golden shores,
we lovers walk forevermore.

~~ * ~~

A Hobbit’s Lullaby

By: Melissa A.

Close your sleepy little eyes.
Rest your curly head.
A full day had you, little lass,
And now it’s time for bed.

Rain falls softly on the garden
Bathing beans and ‘taters,
Mushrooms, cabbage in its patch,
And strawberries for later.

Clover will grow soft and thick
To cushion little feet.
The flowers open petals wide
To spread their perfume sweet.

Rest your darling head, my Rose,
And sleep well this night.
For rain will pass and sun will shine.
The morrow will be bright!

~~ * ~~