The Great Hall of Poets – August 2013

From The Dark
By Valiril Erquentien

The moon and sky is ever dark and leaf and stone create the marks
Upon the shadowed face as the call comes from the grave
But fear and horror take their holds, and forgotten is hope like dust in wind
The horn blows and all is silenced, when heavy footsteps tread the path

To Mordor, Sauron’s forge glimmering like a poisoned spear amongst the clouds
When broken bones and the bleeding dead is left a wandering road to rot
And to carpet the Dark Lord’s footsteps, as death and screams echo round
His evil crown shining dark and tattered cloak billowing in the foul wind

But forgotten hope comes riding in, shining bright amongst darkness dim
And the sword is broken and the Ring is dropped into dust shining gold
It should have ended that very day, to drop in molten rock bubbling with red
But no it lived to this day, to bring little folk from out the secret place

When smallest things make the change
From the dark evil looms menacing
But brave hearts and shining souls
Make the wandering path fair

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