The Great Hall of Poets – December 2013


The Wind On The Heath

Copyright 2013 Stephen R. Babb

‘Twas winter and the winds did blow
upon the haunted heath
From pointy peaks of mountains gray
that reared like jagged teeth
Now the wind hath chased the sun away
Even the moon hath fled
For moaning ‘cross the plain so drear
it has left but a place of dread

In ages past brave warriors strode
where only dragons dwelled
The drakes did rage upon the plain
but soon their fires were quelled
Though not by swords nor shiny spears
were the serpents brought to bay
‘Twas the winter wind that did them in
as it howled in its mournful way

Years marched by both lonely and long
the winter wind never waining
presiding like some deathless lord
or tyrant king a’reigning
Fell wraiths came to try their lot
upon the barren reaches
Yet even they could not withstand
the winter wind that screeches

No summer came to warm that land
where never a beast dare dwell
Even the wolves did flee at last
from that sound both fiendish and fell
So the winter wind now howls alone
for even the shadows take flight
as fast fleeing deer when the wolf hunts near
on a moonless and wintry night


So small a thing

By Cassie

Such a small thing, a ring
A thing that could so easily be lost
Then found by one who would not know its worth.
A bauble, to be fondled and admired
Then polished up and placed upon a shelf.
A small thing, a ring
A thing that may be overlooked with time.
Forgotten, hidden in the dust
To never rest around a finger worn
With good intent but darkened heart.
A little thing, this ring
That calls out to the very soul
Of any weak enough to bend their will
And bring it to the one who formed its shape
And damn all those who stand against its pull.
So small a thing, one ring
To break and bind and rule over them all
When darkness overcomes and light has failed
And man has given up his will to fight
Its golden glory, blinding heart and mind
Such a small thing, a ring
A thing that could so easily be lost
Then found by one who does not know its worth.


Of Saruman and the Rage of Fangorn

By The Scarlet Swordsman

Your forces gather
Your soldiers strong

The rising darkness
Is sure to come

The mighty forest
It strikes a blow

Or rising strength
Like rivers flow

Your blazing sword
Begins its quest
Beyond the mountains lies your power’s crest

The smelted iron
The chariot’s roar

They felled the trees
They tracked the moor

And in the sky
Speak of your lore

For there that shines
The northern star

Now as you bar
Your rivals’ door
The key to end your conquest scours afar

Your soul of stone
It shifts its light

The fury rose
The ghosts of plight

Your courage strong
Is nought but pride

The time has come
The storm will fight

And as the clouds
Reveal their light
The embers of your fire will take to flight

Time has beheld
And evil called

A war to wage
Entwining all

With empty heart
You cannot stall

So watch perforce
Your crumbling walls

The thunders strong
Like rancors crawl

Immortal you may be though you may fall


The Battle of Helm’s Deep

By Strider

Under the moonlight in the pouring rain,
Awaiting for the enemy stood the crownless king.
Behind him were thousands of elves and men,
But their courage was hanging on a string.

Solemnly they watched as the mass approached,
Those who aimed to slay.
What could men do against such reckless hate?
But to hope their luck could last till the day.

The moon was covered by layers of clouds
As the battle of the fortress begun.
Men were defending those they loved,
But mercy they were given none.

Fighting across the battle field,
Shields were splintered, blood was spilt.
The wall that held against mights of gods,
Was blown into pieces and never rebuilt.

Those who had fallen did not give in,
They would not let the fortress fall.
Blindly they charged towards the arms of death,
Answering to the enemy’s endless call.
“Pull back to the keep!” cried Theoden king,
Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!
“The hope of men have failed us all,
But we do not admit defeat!”

Together they drew their swords for one last time,
For Rohan! For glory! For death!
They rode out to meet their enemy,
And there they saw what took their breath.

On the first light of the day,
From the east came charging
Were those who came to their aid.
The battle was over, the enemy went fleeing

Peace of the fortress was restored,
But the battle for Middle Earth had just begun.
Men could not celebrate their victory,
Under the bloody sun.



By ~Master Ninja Wizard~

Over sea and under stone
When we leave, you’ll be alone.
Over sea and under stone
Searching for us, far you’ll roam.
Over sea and under stone
Tree and dell shall be your home.
Over sea and under stone
Float on river; trod on loam.
Over sea and under stone
We’re where you’d find the horse of foam.
Over sea and under stone
With shears of gold and silver comb.
Over sea and under stone
Burning tree; blackened dome.
Over sea, under stone
When we leave, you’ll be


The Fellowship:

By Bethany Meyer

There are none

So brave, so bold,

As those who went

O’re mountain cold,

Who prevailed

Through darkness great,

And continued through

The play of fate.

Through abandoned

Mines of dwarves,

And battled many

Scores of wargs.

Went on through an

Unchanging route,

None the same as

This merry group.


Mining For Ore

By Caleb C.

In the depths, diamonds and demons:
Mine at your own risk.

Chisel and plumb and plunder
As does the prisoner
To light and breath.

Touch nothing,
But look on.

Something hums and burns beneath.

Lift up your candle and call out,
For it has broken through.
Pray that you pried loose
What you can bare to see—
Bear it up alone
And alone you will sink.

Let the eye that opens be yours,
For in the deepest of halls
No headlamp or torch can discern
Sovereigns from scales.


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