Peter Jackson has hinted in the media for years and told us at TheOneRing’s own Oscar Party (not in that linked video) that he always planned to deliver a high definition ultimate edition of the LOTR trilogy.

Blu-ray sales for the LOTR trilogy were / are strong, taking the #1 position on the sales chart its first week, moving over 124,00 units despite its hefty price. But did it sell well enough? Can fans look forward to that Ultimate version to rule them all jam packed with new extras and the Extended Editions we have been waiting years for?

Nobody knows and Warner Bros. hasn’t revealed its plans, but the media is starting to pay attention to the possibilities. EE DVD architect Michael Pellerin is in-the-know (look for him soon with our very own Xoanon on TORn’s blogtalkradio) and spoke recently with

In some of the highlights from the interview he said: (emphasis mine) ” . . . Thinking ahead, from the very beginning, we always saved the best for last. Now, people wouldn’t believe that because the Lord of the Rings extras were so extensive. . . . It’s very real, but right now the future of when these treasures will see the light of day is unknown. Continue reading “More hints about an ‘Ultimate’ hi-def LOTR box set that may never happen”