ATLANTA — Dragon Con is overflowing with great content and celebrities but it also features all-night dance and party events that are safe for guests who stay in the hotels and can live large without fear of ever getting in a car or being in a city late. Dragon Con never sleeps! This year the Tolkien Track invited TORn’s staffer Deej to Dee-jay a dance party. (We don’t call her Deej for nothing!)

As the Tolkien Track programmer, I was really excited to add another lively event to our lineup but up until the moment the doors opened on Dragon Con’s Saturday night, I was fearful nobody would show up! Staffer greendragon was another key co-conspiritor and Dragon Con set up audio and video to bring it all to life. They also packed a ballroom with chairs, which, it turns out, were hardly needed at all because everybody was dancing! The moment the doors opened the evening was full on and the costumes with touches of ’80s were absolutely radical! Adding to the fun were the many costumes from “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” and “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” Jelly bracelets were tossed into the audience but most everybody showed up ready to do it the ’80s way. There were bigger dance parties at the event but better? Doubtful. In fact, this might have been probably was the hottest Middle-earth ’80s dance party in the history of the world! (Until next year.)

Track staffer Jim Wert was a pimped out Hobbit acting as security (and looking good doing it) while TORn staffer Thor was a talent scout and brought groups on stage to really strut their stuff. In short it was totally awesome! Filmmaker Dan McBride, was convnced to be on hand to catch the low-light dancing and the following video is a bit of a highlight of the party that went on and on until finally Dragon Con tech and crew had to call it a night. and Dragon Con’s Tolkien’s Middle-earth fan track thank all involved, definitely including the exciting dancers, for a night to remember! (And it will definitely happen again next year.) So enjoy the video and, you know, share it!