Intrepid reporters caught up with Andy Serkis at Annecy Animation Festival in France and surprisingly got an answer.

According to podcaster & blogger Alexandre Loos, when asked about Peter Jackson directing a sequel to The Adventures of Tintin, Andy Serkis replied:

“Peter Jackson is definitely working on it.”

Andy Serkis

Released in 2011, The Adventures of Tintin grossed $374 Million worldwide with an expectation that a sequel would be immediately put into production. According to Steven Spielberg, who directed the first film with Peter Jackson producing, they would switch roles for the sequel and Jackson would direct the second film. Andy Serkis stars as Captain Haddock in the all-CGI animated film.

The first trailer for The Hobbit movies debuted attached to the release of The Adventures of Tintin.

Back in 2018, Spielberg kept the Tintin flame alive by confirming Jackson would still do Tintin 2. The first movie under-performed in USA, in part because Tintin isn’t a household name nor part of the American youth media zeitgeist. We just didn’t grow up with it, so the movie served as an introduction to the world of Tintin. The series is hugely popular in Europe and other locales.

Shout out to World of Reel for spotting the tweet.

Peter Jackson got distracted by other high-profile award-winning projects in the meantime: They Shall Not Grow Old, a World War I documentary, and The Beatles doc “Get Back” which premiered on Disney+.

With Peter Jackson committed to only producing the next wave of LOTR films, the first one being The Hunt for Gollum directed by Andy Serkis, could this mean he is clearing his directing schedule to put time into Tintin, finally? Discuss with other fans on the daily-active Discord.