From VermontHobbit: The Flynn Theatre in Burlington, Vermont, USA is hosting a production of The Hobbit: Montreal’s Theatre Sans Fil recreates the fantastic tale of Bilbo Baggins. The story is told through giant Bunraku puppetry with black light, lasers, magical effects galore, and even a 25-foot long dragon. More..

Promoted as a journey through Middle-earth for the whole family, Theatre Sans Fil is bringing back ‘The Hobbit’ production to the Barclay theater in Irvine, CA.

Théàtre Sans Fil’s highly successful giant puppet adaptation of this award-winning Tolkien fantasy has received standing ovations throughout the world. This newly revived production has been completely redesigned with a new, larger-than-life look. It’s a perfect gift for both adults and kids.

Thanks to Diedye for the heads up from our forums and follow the links for more information on the production. [Press Release] [Theater Website]