NEW YORK – A man named Michael from New York wakes up in the desert, much to his surprise. Fortunately, a pleasant-looking village is nearby. Unfortunately, Michael wants to get back to New York and finds he can’t. “That’s not possible,” the Village elder tells him. “There is no New York. There’s only the Village.” “I want out!” Michael says. “There is no out,” insists the leader. “There is only in.” More..

AMC is doing their promo blitz for the updated version of ‘The Prisoner’, one of the cool items they sent along was this ‘Prisoner Timeline’ piece. Take a look! And don’t forget to catch ‘The Prisoner’ Sunday, November 15 at 8pm/7c on AMC.

When Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner aired in 1967, it was unlike anything else on TV. The brazenly surreal series became known for heady socio-political themes, outrageous sci-fi twists, willful absurdity, and head-scratching loose ends. Continue reading “Get Ready For McKellen’s ‘Prisoner’”

Ian McKellenFrom his extensive Shakespearean roots to his knockout X-Men and Lord of the Rings roles as Magneto and Gandalf, Sir Ian McKellen boasts a prowess so refined that he’s now playing a role, The Prisoner’s power-hungry villain Number Two, previously inhabited by not one actor but 17. Yet McKellen insists this isn’t your grandmother’s Number Two. “There’s no point in wondering how am I going to measure up to the other Number Twos, because it’s just a different script altogether,” the soft-spoken knight explained to after addressing an auditorium of TV reporters at Hollywood’s Universal Hilton earlier this year. “My man is called Number Two, because the character was originally called Number Two. But he is Number One.” More..