Lembas Extra 2009Frandalf of Unquendor from The Dutch Tolkien Society, writes: This December, the new Lembas Extra will arrive. Lembas Extra is a special edition of the magazine of Unquendor. It’s filled with articles on Tolkien and Middle-earth and is in English! The theme for this Lembas Extra is ‘Tolkien in Poetry and Song’. Authors include no other than Tom Shippey (yes, the Tolkien scholar), Renée Vink (Dutch Tolkientranslator), Frits Burger, Sjoerd van der Weide, Dorine Ratulangie, Susan Edwards, Ben Koolen and Marion Kippers.
International buyers can acquire a copy at the Tolkienwinkel and Dutch buyers at Unquendor. Price for members: 13,50 euro, non-members: 15,95 euro.