Lembas Extra 2009Frandalf of Unquendor from The Dutch Tolkien Society, writes: This December, the new Lembas Extra will arrive. Lembas Extra is a special edition of the magazine of Unquendor. It’s filled with articles on Tolkien and Middle-earth and is in English! The theme for this Lembas Extra is ‘Tolkien in Poetry and Song’. Authors include no other than Tom Shippey (yes, the Tolkien scholar), RenĂ©e Vink (Dutch Tolkientranslator), Frits Burger, Sjoerd van der Weide, Dorine Ratulangie, Susan Edwards, Ben Koolen and Marion Kippers.
International buyers can acquire a copy at the Tolkienwinkel and Dutch buyers at Unquendor. Price for members: 13,50 euro, non-members: 15,95 euro.