Aragorn948 writes: At the “Scream 2008” awards ceremony today, Hellboy II: The Golden Army won “Best Fantasy Movie” and beat out The Dark Knight, Hancock, and Wanted. Ron Perlman and Doug Jones (as well as a couple others) were there to accept the award for Del Toro. Though Guillermo was not present, he wrote something for Ron Perlman to read aloud:

“I am very glad, that it is Ron Perlman who is receiving this award in my name tonight for it is who he best embodied all there is to love about Hellboy as a film character. Plus he has a better accent than mine. And is much slimmer. Well not much but a little. His muscles are rubber. Don’t let him tell you otherwise. I thank you all for this honor and I hope he will deliver the actual trophy and doesn’t keep it like he is bound to do. Thank you.”