hobbitdosthranduildlrg2The Holiday shopping season is quickly approaching and its time to start thinking about what to get that special Tolkien lover in your life. We’re pleased to to help ease your journey in by narrowing down what we feel are the top 10 Middle-earth related collectibles that fans can easily swing on a holiday budget. You can get any of these amazing collectibles from our friends at Weta Workshop, Artist Jerry Vanderstelt, Sideshow Collectibles, and The Noble Collection. These collectibles range from mini-sword letter openers to giant premium formats all of which help cover any Tolkien Collector in your family.

Here’s our Top 10 List: (In No Particular Order)

  1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition with Limited Edition Amazon Exclusive Bilbo/Gollum Statue (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + UltraViolet)
  2. One Ring – Tungsten – Gold plated (with or without script) Weta Workshop
  3. Tauriel Necklace (Weta and Noble)
  4. King Thranduil Statue
  5. The Key to Erebor  Weta Workshop
  6. Mini-sword letter openers from Noble – Narsil, LOTR Sting, The Hobbit Sword Set, Thranduil’s Sword, Tauriel’s Dagger, Morgul Dagger
  7. Barrel-riders Weta Workshop – Bilbo Baggins & Bombur the Dwarf
  8. Jerry Vanderstelt’s Middle-earth prints
  9. Sauron Premium Format
  10. Ringwraith on Steed Premium Format

IMG_6490As you may recall we teamed up with Sideshow Collectibles to give away one of their massive Sauron Premium Format Statues. After many entries its time to finally announce the winner of this contest. The lucky Ringer who will be having one of these 3 foot tall pieces shipped from our friends at Sideshow Collectibles is Ben S. of Gurnee, IL. We want to thank all of you who took the time to enter and be on the watch for the next contest. You can still get Sauron from Sideshow Collectibles and if you’re unsure check out our review of one of the best The Lord of the Rings collectibles you’ll ever find.

IMG_6489Sideshow Collectibles has created one of the best Middle-earth collectibles you will ever find. As you’ll discover in our full review, this piece is simply amazing.

Now, we’re teaming up with our friends at Sideshow Collectibles to give Ringers around the world a chance to bring Sauron home. Continue reading “Collecting The Precious – Sideshow Collectibles Sauron Premium Format Contest”


“Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them,
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

J.R.R Tolkien

IMG_6490Comic-Con 2012 brought us without a doubt one of Sideshow Collectibles best pieces ever. After months of teasing and getting fans ready for something big, we finally got the chance to see Sideshow’s Sauron Premium Format. For this amazing piece, Sideshow teamed up with artist Jerry Vanderstelt to bring to life his awesome print of Sauron looking over Mordor. This piece blew me away as I stood there looking at it among all the other pieces as Sideshow’s booth. Sauron is huge, detailed, and it felt like I was looking at the real thing. It was the perfect balance of both the beautiful image Jerry Vanderstelt painted and Sideshow’s ability bring a 2D image to life. Continue reading “Collecting The Precious – Sideshow Collectibles Sauron Premium Format Review”

photo 3We have several great items up for auction to help keep this amazing site running allowing us to bring you all the comings and goings of what happens in Middle-earth.

I wanted to highlight a few of the items in this post so you could get a better look at just how cool these items are. The items I want to highlight for you are: The Boromir Exclusive Statue, Arwen Exclusive Statue, Nazgul Prototype Medallion, and the Thorin/Goblin King set from The Bridge Direct.

Continue reading “Collecting The Precious – Light The Beacons Auction”